Frequently asked questions answered by ONF SURVEYORS

To make it easier to determine the right surveying services for your needs, we’ve provided answers to questions we are often asked by clients. If you have any other queries we are happy to answer these by phone or email.

There are 3 different types of lease area surveys which are:

  • Net area surveys for commercial properties e.g. office buildings
  • Gross area surveys for industrial sites e.g. warehouses
  • Gross area surveys for retail tenancies e.g. shopping centres.

A detail survey takes into account all the natural and man-made structures present on a parcel of land, ranging from vegetation and utilities through to fences, soil and boundaries.

To ensure the accuracy of a construction project, it’s important to have a set-out survey undertaken. This type of survey marks the areas where buildings and other key structures will be built, to avoid mistakes being made during the construction process.

Yes. To avoid any issues with neighbours before making changes to your new property, it’s a smart idea to have a boundary identification survey undertaken.

Yes. A building surveyor is usually engaged to handle the legal side of building or construction, such as permits and approvals, whereas a land surveyor analyses the layout of a site, which includes boundaries, easements and any other spatial details.