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How Can I Find My Property Boundary Line?

How Can I Find My Property Boundary Line?

Knowing where your property boundary line is is very important if you want to make the most of your home. Whether you’re planning an extension or just putting up a fence, you’ve got to know where your property boundary is before you start work.

Let’s consider how to find your property boundary line in South East Queensland.

Why Do You Need To Know Where Your Property Boundary Line Is?

Most people know vaguely where their property starts and finishes, but rarely do homeowners know where their property boundaries finish exactly. Knowing precisely where your property boundary line is can be important for lots of reasons. You might want to:

  • Buy or sell a home. It’s important to know where the boundaries of your property are so that you can clearly communicate this with buyers or make plans for your new home.
  • Building an extension on your property. If you’re planning to build an extension, knowing exactly where your boundaries lie means you can make the most of your space.
  • Building a fence or a wall. If you want to build a fence or a wall to mark the boundaries of your property, you’ll need to know where they are.
  • Solving boundary disputes with your neighbours. If one of your neighbours builds a wall or plants a tree and you think it’s encroaching on your property, the only way to resolve the dispute is to find your exact property boundaries.

How To Find Your Property Boundary Line

There are a few ways you can try and find your property boundary line yourself, although they’re not 100% reliable.

If you just want to get an idea of where your property boundary line is, you could try asking your neighbours. You might also be able to ask your local land surveyor’s office to look for old maps of your property boundary, depending on how old your property is.

Your title deeds, which contain the details of your property and state who owns the property, might also include some information on where the boundaries of your property lie, although the information contained in title deeds might not be highly specific.

It’s important to note, that existing fences can be wrong, even built to the wrong pegs. People’s ideas of where the property line can also be remiss, and that existing houses may have been built across property boundaries are a few examples of how assumptions can lead to a potentially very expensive mistake. Even the presence of old survey boundary pegs are no guarantee of a boundary line. For a much more reliable and accurate reading, it’s best to contact a property surveyor.

You can also access some property data online on the Queensland government website.

Hire A Property Surveyor

If you want to know where your property’s exact boundaries are, the only reliable way is to hire a surveyor. A property surveyor can carry out all of the necessary checks on your property, including looking at maps and title deeds, and carrying out a title search, to identify exactly where your property boundary sits.

A property surveyor can not only find out exactly where your property boundary lies, but also mark it out clearly for you. A boundary survey from a professional surveyor serves as clear proof of where your boundaries lie and should settle any disputes with neighbours, builders, or any other parties.

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