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Land Development

Initial Contour and detail survey

The contour and detail survey serves the purpose of revealing the current topographical characteristics of a specific site.

Predevelopment Proposal Plans

Predevelopment Proposal Plans are initial project outlines created at the start of a construction or development project.

Subdivision Survey

Subdivision Surveys divide a large piece of land into smaller lots, providing accurate measurements and boundaries required for development and legal documentation.

Easements, Covenant Surveys

Easements and Covenant Surveys are land surveys that assess and document property rights and restrictions, including access rights and land-use agreements.

Community Living Strata Titlting

Community Living Strata Titling divides multi-unit residential properties into individual ownership units.

Civil Construction Survey

A Civil Construction Survey is a survey conducted during infrastructure projects to ensure compliance with design, safety, and regulations.

As-constructed Survey

An As-Constructed Survey verifies and documents the actual position and attributes of completed construction, ensuring it matches approved plans and meets regulations.


ADAC is Asset Design As Constructed. ADAC provides a standard specification for describing asset design and as constructed data

Plan Sealing

Plan Sealing is when the final plans in land subdivision or property development are officially approved by local authorities, ensuring compliance with regulations.

Plan Registration

Plan Registration is the formal recording of land documents with the government to establish legal rights and ownership, ensuring transparency in property transactions and development through Titles QLD.

Land Surveyors In Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, South Burnett & Kingaroy

ONF Surveyors offer a broad range of surveying solutions for land development and can also assist in the preparation of development applications. Our surveyors provide services throughout South East Queensland, including the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane City, South Burnett and Kingaroy.

Our surveyors have the expertise to guide you step-by-step through the entire subdivision process and provide you with a complete service, from drafting the conceptual design through to delivering your completed subdivision plan.

We can also organise the multi-disciplinary team required to prepare your development application and manage each phase, from development application submission to final approval.

Contact us today to discuss your land development surveying needs.

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Land Development Services

Subdivisions & Boundary Realignments

As-Constructed surveys (ADAC)​

Development applications

Aerial and UAV photography & photo control

Development application preparation & lodgement

Easements & covenants

Subdivision surveys

Community living & strata titling

Boundary identification surveys

Land development surveys

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