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ONF Surveyors are Queensland Surveyors who offer a broad scope range of surveying services throughout South East Queensland. We specialise in boundary surveys, site level and feature surveys, land development and community title surveys.

We provide land and underwater surveying and spatial data gathering solutions for land developers, town planners, engineers, mining and exploration companies and government agencies.

Our surveyors operate throughout South East Queensland and the Surat Basin. We carry out surveys in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast, Somerset, Kingaroy, South Burnett, North Burnett, Toowoomba, Moreton Bay Region, Somerset Region, Gympie, the Wide Bay and the Fraser Coast.

We deliver complete surveying solutions including:

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If you are intending to purchase a property, a property survey is advised prior to closing the deal.

This is because you need to make sure that what you see is what you are buying, with no hidden surprises.

We can carry out property surveys across South East Queensland, meaning you can buy your next property with complete confidence.

Boundary Surveying

Whether you’re intending to buy a piece of land or carry out construction on it, a boundary survey is essential.

This is because boundary surveys, identify the perimeters of land or estate. Enabling you to know what surface you are entitled to.

Hiring ONF Surveyors for a boundary survey ensures that you know exactly what land you are getting or using.

Our residential surveying services simply refer to surveys that we conduct on a residential property, be that a house, block of flats, or any other type of dwelling.


Residential surveys are carried out prior to the purchase of a new potential home in order to ensure that everything is as it is expected to be by the new occupants.

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If you require any type of surveying in Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, and Kingaroy, look no further than ONF Surveyors. We are reputable surveyors across South East Queensland locals can trust to conduct surveys in an efficient and professional manner, leading to results that are received quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A property survey is carried out by a professional surveyor with extensive knowledge of the local area. An expert, such as one from ONF Surveyors, will visit the property and extensively inspect it, including both the interior and exterior.


They will look at the walls, floors, internal systems, windows, doors, and more. They will then write up a detailed report to be handed to the client.

Surveying is critical because it allows a prospective buyer to see the full picture of a property or piece of land. 

Without a survey report, you are effectively going into the purchase blind. Surveying identifies any potential areas of weakness or that pose a risk to safety, meaning an investment in surveying is one well spent. 

Some lenders in Australia may also request that you have a survey done prior to closing their loan with you in order to assess any financial risks on their behalf.

There are many different types of property surveys. Some of the most popular and commonly used surveys include boundary surveys, location surveys, right-of-way surveys, topographic surveys, residential surveys, and more. 

If you aren’t sure which kind of survey you should have done before you purchase a property, get in touch with the ONF Surveyors team today and we’ll be happy to advise you.


"ONF Surveyors recently undertook a very challenging boundary survey on my 4 hectare block at Mt Glorious. The work was made particularly difficult due to the terrain which was predominantly slopes of greater than a 30% gradient with access impinged by 6 foot high walls of lantana in many places. The job was further complicated due to visibility being significantly reduced by heavy clouds descending over the mountain.
Howard Cutler and his team worked industriously and professionally to complete the survey despite the incredible challenges they faced. Howard provided a fixed fee that was very competitive and stuck to that price despite the job talking a lot longer than was anticipated. I highly recommend Howard and ONF surveyors to anyone who is desirous of carrying out a survey on their land."
- Douglas

We Provide Surveying Services for Local Communities

ONF Surveyors have been working in the Somerset Region for over 20 years offering the local community surveying services ranging from mapping, large scale construction projects, hydrographic surveys, development applications and subdivisions.

With 3 offices strategically positioned in Kingaroy, Maroochydore, and South Brisbane, ONF Surveyors continues to provide fast and efficient service to the Somerset Region. With over 25 employees, including Town Planners for regional projects and Surveyors experienced in all aspects of surveying.

ONF Surveyors is proud to have worked on the initial development of the Somerset Rail Trail and looks forward to the great benefit this infrastructure offers the greater region.