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Property Boundary Surveys

Boundary Identification, Fencing, Boundary Dispute Resolution

If you are looking to build a retaining wall, a fence or make any alterations to your property that could impact a neighbour’s property then it is imperative that you enlist the services of experienced surveyors to ensure you are working within the correct property boundaries. This is the only precise way to determine your exact borderlines and ensure you are not encroaching onto another plot of land, which can lead to legal expenses and costly relocation jobs down the track.

Subdivision, Boundary Realignment

Boundary alignments are reasonably common and may be required to address land management issues or resolve a problem where the lot of one property owner has begun to reach into the neighbouring property. It is also a fairly common modern practice to subdivide parcels of land in order to maximise the space and construct multiple properties. In either case, boundary surveyor services are required to ensure the proper border measurements are recorded. This step should take place before any development applications are submitted to the council.

Easement, Covenant Surveys

There are situations where there is a parcel of land that might be on your property, but others who do not own the land need to access it – and vice versa. These are called easements and having the correct boundary plans is essential. Parts of your land may be subject to legally-binding covenants that provide rules on how you can or cannot develop that land. In both cases, our high-quality boundary surveyor services will ensure the correct boundaries are established.

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