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Community Living/Strata Titling/ Building Format Plans Survey

Community Living/Strata Titling

ONF Surveyors offer dedicated strata titling services to clients across South East Queensland. Our professional surveyors have years of experience offering strata titling services for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Our team of expert surveyors can conduct a survey of your building and prepare a survey plan to help you achieve a strata title for your property. This is a necessary step in strata titling and it’s important that you work with surveyors who are qualified to create survey plans for the purpose of community titling.

Building Format Plans (BFPs)

Building Format Plans are specialised survey plans that facilitate the subdivision and individual ownership of units within a multi-unit development. ONF Surveyors can play a crucial role in accurately identifying boundaries, ensuring compliance with local regulations, and creating a comprehensive legal document that governs the property rights of individual unit owners. It’s important that any surveying work undertaken across South East Queensland is carried out by experienced, professional surveyors. All of our team at ONF Surveyors are fully qualified, with decades of experience. We pride ourselves on our reputation for exceptional customer service and we can work with you to create a cost-effective and thorough survey. A boundary survey will also include research from local records as well as measurements out in the field to cross-reference them so you know your boundary survey is as accurate as possible.

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