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Boundary Surveying

Boundary Surveyor across South East Queensland
Surveying For Property Boundaries

If you are looking to build a retaining wall, a fence or make any alterations to your property that could impact a neighbour’s property then it is imperative that you enlist the services of experienced surveyors to ensure you are working within the correct property boundaries.

This is the only precise way to determine your exact borderlines and ensure you are not encroaching onto another plot of land, which can lead to legal expenses and costly relocation jobs down the track.

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Surveying Services We Provide

Subdivision and Boundary Realignment Surveys

Boundary alignments are reasonably common and may be required to address land management issues or resolve a problem where the lot of one property owner has begun to reach into the neighbouring property. It is also a fairly common modern practice to subdivide parcels of land in order to maximise the space and construct multiple properties. In either case, boundary surveyor services are required to ensure the proper border measurements are recorded. This step should take place before any development applications are submitted to the council.

Easements & Covenants

There are situations where there is a parcel of land that might be on your property, but others who do not own the land need to access it – and vice versa. These are called easements and having the correct boundary plans is essential. Parts of your land may be subject to legally-binding covenants that provide rules on how you can or cannot develop that land. In both cases, our high-quality boundary surveyor services will ensure the correct boundaries are established.

Level and Detail Surveys

When you are looking to make changes to your land that requires a development application, you will need level and detail surveys that provide the topographic and contour details of the land in question. These are typically required for architectural designs, renovations and extensions, property evaluations or when you need to assess and potentially modify drainage solutions.


Boundary Realignment Surveys

During this process, the land will be comprehensively mapped and measured using the latest technologies before it is compared against historical records for any changes or discrepancies. It involves thorough research and then fieldwork to examine the land, reconciling all the information to provide conclusive border lines.

If you own multiple, adjoining lots and want to adjust the boundary lines, this service will realign the common boundary or boundaries. It is effectively the same as subdivision and the end result must include the same number of lots, without creating new ones. This process can also be used to resolve boundary disputes when one property owner is encroaching on another, for example through a fence line, tree or another object.

Boundary Surveying Services For Businesses

At ONF Surveyors we are proud to provide a wide range of surveying services for businesses. We have worked with property developers, mining companies, agricultural businesses and more to provide detailed, reliable results. If your business property has disputed boundaries or you are planning on expanding your operations, a comprehensive boundary service is an important step.

Reliable and Experienced Boundary Surveyors

We can create a surveying plan for your property, addressing any potential queries and offering professional recommendations. If you are planning to subdivide your land, having a thorough boundary survey undertaken by professional surveyors is an important early step. Our team of experienced surveyors can advise you on the best way to divide land and any potential issues that might arise.

It’s important that any surveying work undertaken across South East Queensland is carried out by experienced, professional surveyors. All of our team at ONF Surveyors are fully qualified, with decades of experience. We pride ourselves on our reputation for exceptional customer service and we can work with you to create a cost-effective and thorough survey. A boundary survey will also include research from local records as well as measurements out in the field to cross-reference them so you know your boundary survey is as accurate as possible.

Contact Us Today

For more information or to book our boundary surveying services, contact the team via our online contact form. Or call ONF Surveyors on (07) 5422 0200 in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast(07) 4162 2647 at Kingaroy, South Burnett and our office in Darra, in Brisbane West on (07) 3376 3003.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Find Out Who Is Responsible For A Boundary?

If you are unsure who is responsible for the boundaries you should check the Title Register of the property. The title deeds will often also set out the boundaries you are responsible for, even if the property hasn’t been registered.

When Should I Get A Boundary Survey Done?

You should get a boundary survey if you’re planning on undertaking any building work near the boundaries of your property or you’re extending or developing your property. It’s also a good idea if you are erecting new boundary fences or walls or if you’re purchasing a new property on the Sunshine Coast.

How Long Does A Boundary Survey Take?

Depending on the size and scale of your project on the Sunshine Coast, we can usually provide a comprehensive boundary survey plan for your property in 1-2 weeks. Once we have surveyed your property we will provide a full, detailed report with all of our findings.

What Is The Difference Between A Land Survey And A Boundary Survey?

The main difference is that land surveys mainly consist of fieldwork but a boundary survey also involves research and studying local property records to make sure boundaries are correct.

What Does A Boundary Survey Look Like?

A boundary survey is a detailed survey of a property used to identify and mark the property boundaries. It involves measuring and mapping the physical features of the land and any existing improvements, such as buildings, fences and other structures. The survey will typically include a detailed report that shows the property lines, any encroachments or easements and any other relevant information that may affect the use or development of the property.

How To Read Boundary Survey Measurements?

Boundary survey measurements are typically shown on a map or plan that accompanies the survey report. The plan will show the boundaries of the property and any adjacent properties, as well as the dimensions and location of any improvements or structures on the property. The measurements are usually given in metres and are typically shown with a north arrow to indicate the orientation of the property.

What Is A Boundary Survey Vs Topographic Survey?

A boundary survey is focused on identifying and mapping the physical boundaries of a property, while a topographic survey is focused on mapping the natural and man-made features of the land, such as contours, drainage and vegetation. A topographic survey can be useful for planning and designing improvements to the property, such as grading or drainage systems, while a boundary survey is essential for establishing legal property boundaries.

What Happens If There Is A Boundary Dispute After A Survey Is Completed?

If there is a boundary dispute after a survey is completed, the parties involved may need to seek legal advice to resolve the issue. In some cases, the surveyor may be called upon to provide expert testimony or evidence to support one party’s claim to the property. However, it’s important to note that the surveyor’s role is to provide an accurate and impartial survey of the property, and not to take sides in any legal dispute.

What Should I Look For In A Boundary Surveyor?

When choosing a boundary surveyor, it’s important to look for someone who is experienced and knowledgeable in boundary surveying. You should also look for a surveyor who is licensed and insured, and who uses the latest surveying technology and techniques to ensure the accuracy and reliability of their work. It’s also recommended to choose a surveyor who is responsive and communicative, and who can provide clear and concise reports and plans that are easy to understand.

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