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Broad Scoping Surveyors on the Sunshine Coast

At ONF Surveyors on the Sunshine Coast, we are committed to supporting local land developers, town planners, engineers, mining personnel and other professionals. Our highly experienced team specialise in boundary surveys, site level and feature surveys, as well as land development and community title surveys. You can count on us to turn up when we say we will, deploy advanced surveying technology, and provide you with accurate results.


Since 2002, our Sunshine Coast surveyors have been proudly serving local communities. We can assist with all manner of projects—from mining and exploration to stockpile surveys to agribusiness site development and much more.


To discover more about our services, or request a quote, contact us today. You can email us or call (07) 5422 0200. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Our Surveying Services

A comprehensive array of surveying work can be undertaken by our Sunshine Coast team. Our services include:

Plus, much more.

From Mooloolaba to Caloundra and beyond, we service the entire Sunshine Coast region. Drop us a line today to arrange a service.

Our professionals offer property surveying for residential, commercial and industrial clients throughout the Sunshine Coast. If you’re interested in purchasing a property, arranging a property inspection is important before the deal is sealed.

If you need to determine the perimeters of a block of land, be sure to contact our Sunshine Coast boundary surveyors. We use the latest 3D scanners and drones to achieve reliable results. Our team can survey for easements, covenants and much more.

Our professionals on the Sunshine Coast offer a wide array of survey services. These range from farm mapping assistance to airborne and underwater surveys to as-constructed surveys. Get in touch today to discover how we can help with your unique needs.

We at ONF Surveyors on the Sunshine Coast can assist with all manner of land development projects. From contour and detail surveys through to community living, strata titling, development application preparation assistance and more, we do it all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Property surveying is a vital component of the property purchasing process. Boundary identification surveys determine the boundary line of your new property and identify any restrictions you need to be mindful of. A cadastral surveyor will compare historical records with recent survey information to determine the boundaries of your premises. This process requires extensive expertise, so hiring a professional surveyor is recommended.

The amount of time it takes to conduct a survey depends on the type of survey you opt for, as well as the size of the area. A small residential survey might take just a few hours of the surveyor’s time onsite, whereas a building survey or a large rural property could take days or even weeks. Your professional surveyor will be able to provide you with an accurate estimate.

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