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Why Is Surveying Important?

Why Is Surveying Important?

land surveyor works on a wide range of projects, from planning, designing, and constructing new and existing infrastructure to measuring, monitoring, and developing new land.

Geologists, engineers, architects, and town planners use information provided by surveyors to guide their work. They are experts in determining land size and measurement and the height of topography. In addition, they collaborate with all levels of government and service authorities such as water, sewer, and power companies.

Construction and development sites are surveyed by surveyors, who measure and map the land. In turn, architects and engineers use their measurements to plan and design structures so they look good and are safe in the landscape. This ensures the buildings not only fit with their surroundings but are also built safely.

The data collected by surveyors provides the basis for developing  plans and digital data files ensuring the form and function of a project conforms to the brief.

Why Is Land Surveying Important?

To ensure your project meets building guidelines, town plans, and end goals, it is essential to ensure that you know the dimensions and topography of your site.

You need to know whether the new rooms or additional living areas after subdividing a block can fit on the site. It is imperative to adhere to all town planning codes, including the distance from a property’s boundary line to the building.

You might also need a planning permit when working on a building, renovation, development, subdividing, or changing the land use. The development plan is filed with the local government department to assess land zoning, permitted uses, overlays, municipal strategic statements, and other planning documents. A land survey will be required to support your case and ONF Surveyors have offices strategically located in BrisbaneSunshine Coast and Kingaroy to assist with these requests.

The zoning of a property effects the potential uses allowed under the town plan.  As well as overlays such as wildfire, heritage, and vegetation protection on the land, there are several local provisions that you must understand, such as minimum and maximum land sizes for subdivision, building heights, and plot ratios. By accurately measuring your boundary lines and topography heights on a plan, you can address and accommodate all these concerns while still completing the planned project.

Registered Cadastral Surveyors

The Surveyors Registration Board licenses registered surveyors. This governing body varies from one state to another.

The Surveyors Board of Queensland registers and maintains the licenses for surveyors in Queensland.  Cadastral endorsements are set and maintained by the Surveyors Board of Queensland who also set and maintain competency and educational standards, maintain a register of surveyors, and manage disciplinary actions.

You can only have your property boundary marked by a Registered Cadastral Surveyor.

Upon request, your registered surveyor should provide you with a certified plan that confirms the work has been completed correctly and lodge the plan with the State Government.

In the event of a boundary dispute, surveys carried out by a surveyor without a cadastral endorsement will not be considered valid evidence by the court.

Get In Touch With The Experts

ONF Surveyors are Queensland Surveyors who offer a broad range of surveying services throughout South East Queensland. We specialise in boundary surveyssite level and detail surveysland development (small and large) and community title surveys.

We provide land and underwater surveying and spatial data gathering solutions for land developers, town planners, engineers, mining and exploration companies and government agencies.

Our surveyors operate throughout South East Queensland and the Surat Basin. We carry out surveys in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Somerset, South Burnett, North Burnett, Toowoomba, Moreton Bay Region, Somerset Region, Gympie, Wide Bay, Fraser Coast.

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